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What is involved with Grooming?          
We provide a professional grooming service where your pet is pampered for the day. They start with a general coat length clip or scissor to the length you desire. If you are unsure we can advise you on what would be appropriate, given the breed, coat length and time of year. Their ears are cleaned and plucked and nails trimmed. They then have a relaxing warm-water bubble bath with a veterinary quality shampoo and conditioner, with selection dependant on their current coat condition, or a medicated shampoo if advised by the vets. After washing off and towel drying they are then gently blow dried with our special low-heat safety dryers while being brushed out. Following this they are returned for a final scissoring, style and touch up before a nice smelling cologne is brushed through. You may find they go home with a special coat, bandanna, bow or ribbon carefully selected from our huge range by the groomers and nurses, depending on what they feel matched their personality and colour on the day!

During Spring & Summer we have multiple days a week where we perform professional grooming, but also continue weekly during winter as well. We can perform veterinary clips everyday.

At what age can they start?    
Introducing your pet from a young age, 12 weeks onwards, will help establish the entire grooming experience as an enjoyable day out, just as they learn to trust our staff in puppy preschool.

How often?        
To help promote healthy coats and skin Small breeds will on average come in every 6-8wks, and have their grooming days tailored especially GroomingFeatheringlegsto their needs. They do not always need a full clip, sometimes partial or trimming only, or simply to freshen up with a slow bath, massage and blow drying. Depending on the breed some larger longer coat dogs will come in for summer and tick clips twice a year, spring and summer.

Our groomers and nurses combine to pamper your pet for the day. For all the love and loyalty the little ones give, a spa day away is just what they deserve!


We stock a large range of specially formulated pet shampoo, conditioner, leave on products and colognes.
As dogs have different skin to humans, soap-free range cleanses without being irritating or stripping the natural oils or flea prevention products from the coat.
Medicated shampoo and specialized soothing sensitive skin shampoos are also available for itchy, dry or infected skin. GroomingcagesstainlessGroomeddog
Your pet will be left smelling beautifully of fragrances such as Chamomile & Coconut, Cedar wood & Lavender, Avocado & Jojoba and Oatmeal, Apple & Apricot!
Gift packs are also available.

Please ask our vet nurses which product is best suited for your pet.






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