We have two surgical suites both fully equipped for major surgeries, as well as a further two adjoining areas for minor/major procedures and dentals. Each of the 4 designated areas have full anaesthetic monitoring equipment to record your pets anaesthetic depth with blood pressure, ECG, oxygen saturation, heart & respiratory rate and core body temperature. Most of the equipment is the same as used in human hospitals.

Surgery Suite 2We also have capnometry, suction & diathermy units, BP monitoring sensitive to pocket pets (<1kg), and ventilators to take over breathing for critically compromised or tick paralysis patients, or thoracic (open chest) surgery. Our anaesthetic agent of choice is Isoflurane.

We are also equipped to provide thermal support to anesthetized patients and those in recovery via warm air blankets, heated surgery tables, human infant warmers and Bair Hugger machine.

All patients are closely monitored after anesthesia to ensure a comfortable, quiet and pain free recovery.

From the beginning our hospital had built in an Automated Fully Alarmed Piped Oxygen system as a fail safe mechanism to make our anaesthetics as safe as possible. If the pressure drops, or oxygen begins to run low, an alarm will sound to advise staff, however the system will have already switched safely across to our secondary system. Our system is the same as Royal Prince Alfred (RPA) has installed.

Oxygen is piped from Surgery, prep area and Xray, even to both separate cat ICU and dog ICU for oxygen chamber therapy if required and consult room (set up prior to emergency arrival). We also have mobile Oxy-viva system for oxygen & suction therapy offsite in case of emergency. Surgery Suite

Throughout the entire hospital there has been no compromise made with all benches, splashbacks and trolleys being of hospital grade stainless steel. Further a field spotless hygiene continues where shelving and benches throughout the laboratory, ICU, surgical packing room and laundry are all similarly fitted out with stainless steel equipment.

Sterilising Surgical Instruments

We use a new FULL Vacuum autoclave unit, allowing all cycles of the instrument cleaning to be performed under vacuum rather than just the drying phase, ensuring a very high grade sterilisation so you can rest assured your pets health is put first.

We also have the standard “Pre Vacuum” autoclave as a back up.

All kits are cleaned by hand, placed in an ultrasonic cleaner, then stainless steel cleaner, then dried wrapped and packed before going through the full vacuum autoclave.

DOGICUTreatment Area

The treatment area is where most of the medical services are performed such as blood taking and preparing for surgery. Hospitalized animals are closely monitored in this area and the adjoining two Intensive Care Units, one for cats and pocket pets, the other for dogs. Our staff is trained and fully equipped to provide many medical services to our patients, including intravenous fluid therapy, oxygen therapy, intensive care monitoring, anesthesia, and laboratory testing.



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