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While you're away on vacation, your pet can can stay in our safe air-conditioned kennels and cattery while being under veterinary staff supervision. Of course they are provided with loads of love and attention by all the staff and are kept entertained with comfortable beds, large run, walks to the park for well behaved dogs, and DVD viewing where you can select from a long list of movies like The Lion King, Scoobie Doo 2, 101 Dalmations….and more.

They are fed on premium eukanuba food, or have their special dishes and home made meals microwave warmed and cut up so that don’t miss anything. Individually tiled and stainless steel kennels help provide our extremely high standard of cleanliness throughout. All have viewing windows or perspex doors for constant monitoring and companionship. 

You can book in for a groom or bath at the same time, and cats will be brushed extra everyday.

You can phone for updates during their stay.

Dogs must be vaccinated to C5 level, and cats F3. Please be sure they are up to date or call us if you are unsure.

Please call to reserve your accomodation early, as we tend to book quickly during the holidays and summer. We look forward to seeing you and your pet soon!


Contact us on 4353 0200 for enquiries regarding boarding.



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